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Tips and Tricks

Insightful tips and ideas on how to properly write your çv

Lack of experience is okay

If you do not have any practical or previous experience do not worry as the employer is more likely to look for enthusiasm, passion, motivation and commitment at this stage than experience. Focus on showing these traits on your CV in the best way possible.

The executive summary is very important, but why?

The executive summary is the most important section of a CV that could make or break the job pursuit. Having a well written executive summary will give you advantage in the employment selection decision, as it gives the employer a great first impression of you. It also shows your ability to communicate clearly and confidently.

Quality is more important than quantity

Summarize your resume as much as you can, as the quality of the information is much more important than its quantity. Make your points concise, easy to read and understandable. You can take advantage of the FREE CV templates we provided for you here at Tweak, or book your session today with one of our coaches.

Grammatical and spelling errors

Grammatical errors can give a negative impression of you and may lead the employer to overlook your resume. To avoid this, use a grammar checker software or book a session today to get help from one of our CV writing consultants at Tweak.

Make sure to include keywords that prove to the recruitment officer that your skills are aligned with the job you are applying for.

Tweak Team

Writing your Executive Summary

When you talk about yourself in the Executive Summary, briefly write about your area of expertise, years of experience, and what you are looking for in your job pursuit.

Your resume layout is key

Divide your CV into the following sub-headings: Executive Summary, Education, Related Experience and Skills. Make sure these sections appear in the correct order. This will give you advantage on all other applicants.

Do not use symbols and abbreviations unless...

Do not use incomprehensible symbols and abbreviations such as names of some certificates or companies you worked for unless you clarify them. You can always mention the name of the course or the certificate earned and then put the acronym in brackets.

Do not sweat the details

You should avoid writing too many details. Try to focus on what's important since quality is better than quantity. The unnecessary details might distract the employer from looking at your major accomplishments and experiences.

Do not exaggerate the layout and design

Simplicity is key! Do not use many colors, or graphics that could distract the employer from the main highlights on your CV such as your skills, qualifications and accomplishments. You can take advantage of the FREE resume templates that we provided for you here at Tweak.

Ask a friend or a professional expert to look at your CV before you submit it.

Tweak Team

Inaccurate information

We can't believe we have to say this but please do not lie on your CV or claim experience in jobs you are not good at. First of all, it is immoral and expedient. Second, it will reduce the chance of an invitation to an interview and may greatly affect your chances in obtaining and keeping the job of your dreams.

Summarize as much as possible

Perhaps the best CVs are those that are summarized in one or two pages. Imagine that you are applying for jobs offered by the recruitment website "Jadara" for example, if you are not able to summarize your CV and select the main points, you will not be visible as one of the candidates for the job vacancies on the platform.

Writing about your accomplishments

Quantify what you've accomplished so far in numbers and results. You should specifically focus on the value you brought to the job role. Also, remember to mention the team you worked with. By doing so, you are not only showing respect and confidence but also showing that you are a team player which is an essential trait that will make you stand out from all other candidates.

How to talk about your experience

When you write about your experience, you are telling someone about your roles and responsibilities at the jobs you worked at. Highlight the knowledge you gained from each job and the value you added.

What personal information should you add?

On your CV, you need to write your birth date, gender, marital status, city of residence and nationality as well as contact information such as phone number and email. Avoid writing your national identity number or residence address in detail.

Don't be a copycat!

Your resume should reflect your true personality, skills, and your educational background. Any employer can tell right away if your CV content appears to be copied from elsewhere and is not yours.

Where do you submit your resume?

The Internet is filled with online recruitment websites. Here are some:

  • E-Employment System (Jadara) 
  • Absher Employment
  • Bayt.com
  • Linkedin

Tweak experts are ready to help you and inform you about job vacancies that may be suitable for you.

Create a LinkedIn profile

Today, It is important to have a profile on a professional website such as LinkedIn and you must update it continuously. You can create a special link for yourself through this page to stand out from the crowd!

Mentioning your college GPA. Good or bad?

Unless your college GPA is more than 3 out of 4 or 5, do not mention it on your CV. However, if you are a fresh college graduate you may be asked about it during the job interview.

Your personal and professional skills

You can put a scale of 5 or 10 on your skill level set but be prepared to talk about why you evaluated yourself to that degree. Preferably, use this method only to measure your professional and technical skills, not your personal ones.

Put your name on top

You should start out by writing your first and last name on the resume, followed by your major or field of expertise, and finally add the word CV or resume if you wish to do so. For example: Mohammed Ahmed - Project Manager Resume. The file must also be in PDF format.

Do not use an exaggerated template design. It will distract the employer from looking at your experiences, skills and qualifications.

Tweak Team

Use clear, easy-to-read fonts

A font that is not easy to read and is too small, bulky, written in a color that is difficult to read may reflect badly on your resume. Make sure to use commonly used fonts such as Times New Roman with a font size of 12 pixels.

Before you add a photo of yourself make sure that...

it was professionally taken! While your physical appearance may have a positive effect in choosing the right candidate for the vacancy, you should also know that adding a photo in some countries such as America and Britain is not preferred because it conflicts with the equal opportunity legislation.

Simplicity in colors

Do not use many colors and graphics in your CV, as more visual effects will distract the employer and may reduce the value of content.

Make yourself available

Expect a call from the recruiters during the daytime so make yourself available because you don't want to miss out on any opportunity. Failure to respond to these calls may result in losing job opportunities you are interested in.

Add your e-mail address

Choose the email address that you add on your CV carefully. The address must be professional (unless you are a fresh graduate with no work experience yet) and often contains your name. Make sure that you check it periodically to answer any inquiries you may receive from the employer.

Know the job you are applying for

Try to make your resume related to the job you want to apply for, but don't exaggerate in using the keywords displayed in the job ad so that your information does not lose credibility and appears as if it was only prepared for this specific job.

Choose the right language

It is important to check beforehand and find out if the job vacancy you intend to apply for requires that your CV be in Arabic, English, or any other language. The good news is that you can download one of our FREE CV templates in both languages, Arabic and English.

Save your CV in PDF format

Make sure to save your CV in PDF format and not in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint format. This shows how professional you are since it is the widely used and preferred method.

How to write

When writing a list of points, you must unify pronouns and verbs. Always use the present tense in your current role and past tense in previous roles.

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